Turtleneck Sweater & Skinny Jeans

Turtleneck Sweater

  • top
  • YA-A
  • 1 channel (custom texture)
  • custom thumbnail
  • 3,7k poly

  • Minor clipping with bottoms.
  • Elbows bend ugly with some poses.

Skinny Jeans

  • bottom
  • YA-A
  • 1 channel (custom denim texture, fully recolorable and little recolorable version)
  • custom thumbnail
  • 2,2k poly

  • There are some triangle thingies on the pockets, more noticable with some poses, but nothing serious;
  • Knees may look weird with some sitting poses, but overall it animates ok.

download (.package)

download (.package)

Created by Agata for WioskaSzablonów. Technologia blogger.